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Neutrino mass eigenstate

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    We know that when we have one flavour of neutrino, it can change into another flavour by neutrino oscillations. However, if we consider a mass eigenstate, then is it true that it can never change into a different mass eigenstate? In other words is a [itex]|v_{1}>[/itex] neutrino forever a [itex]|v_{1}>[/itex]? I think the answer is yes but I would like to clarify.

    If so, are the mass eigenstates the "real" fundamental particles then but it just happens to be that we can only observe neutrino flavours?

    Thank you!
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    That sounds about right.
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    It's not only a matter of observation, but also of production. Since the neutrino flavors are the eigenstates of the weak interaction Hamiltonian, these are the particles which are produced in weak interactions.
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    Thank you very much, Parlyne and kith.
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