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Neutrino ?

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    p ----> n + 2v where v = neutrino , tell me why the combination of a neutrino and anti neutrino is observed and how to expreimentally distinguish b/w neutrino and anti neutrino ?

    It is chargeless ,almost massless , is it related to the spin , how to make a neutrino interact with a target particle?
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    Proton does not decay this way: the charge and energy conservation laws forbid it.

    There is a whole neutrino science (processes involved, detectors, etc.).
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    Give me some idea, something on it ...
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    For that I have to make a search for you. Maybe you will do it, or somebody else?
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    proton "decay" [STRIKE]in[/STRIKE] is not allowed by energy conservation, except in neutron-deficient nuclei, when a proton can "decay" into a neutron, a positron, and an electron neutrino. The proton "decay" to a neutron can also go via electron capture from the 1s atomic level. The "decay" has to conserve energy, charge, and lepton number.
    Bob S
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