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Neutron capture -> gamma's

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    neutron capture --> gamma's

    Someone could explain me how neutron capture in Gadolinium happens? If a neutron is captured, an energy of about 8 Mev is released in form of gamma-ray cascade (Ʃγ).

    But... how many gammas are released? I believe the answer will be in form of probability distribution. So, in this case, what is the respective probabilities for 1, 2, 3, etc gammas to be released? Once we have the number or gammas, the energy for each one of them would be distributed uniformily? (for exemple, if 2 gammas are released, I draw an energy for the first gamma from a uniform distribution which goes from ~0 to 8 MeV and the rest goes to the other gamma, is it right?).

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    Re: neutron capture --> gamma's

    If you get a cascade, this happens along excited states of the nucleus with fixed energy for each transition. Maybe you can find some chart for them.
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    Re: neutron capture --> gamma's

    Thanks, I have looked for the de-excitation scheme for the Gadolinium related to neutron capture but I could not find it...Anyone would have this information?
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