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Neutron dose rate ,fluence rate and cps conversion

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    Dear Forum :

    We use Thermo BIOREM 751 to measure the neutron dose rate in the lab.
    I would like to know how fleunce rate and cps converse to dose rate.
    There is technical data in the manual, but I still do not understand.

    For example, considering the neutron fluence rate 1000/cm^2 sec with energy 2MeV
    (Primary energy of reference nuclide 252Cf)
    ,the dose rate is 0.18 Sv/h.

    According to the calibration factor,it converses to 10,000 cps.
    The fluence rate 1000 /cm^2 and 10,000 cps dose not match because the active surface of the detector is not 10 cm^2.

    Also,if the neutron energy is below MeV, the dose rate overestimates significantly.

    Please advise me

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