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Homework Help: Neutron motion inside a neutron

  1. Nov 19, 2008 #1
    Quark motion inside a neutron

    Using electron-neutron scattering I'm trying to find out how the three quarks (udd) behave inside the neutron. S.Kopeky (Phys. Rev. 1995) found that for small Q2 the equation for the neutrons rms-radius goes towards:

    [tex]-6 \hbar \frac{dG_E ^n (Q^2)}{dQ^2} \right|_{Q^2=0} = -0.113 \pm 0.005 {fm}^2[/tex]

    I'm not sure how to draw conclusions from this. I imagine the charge density being the highest at the neutron boundary and lower towards the center, this leads me to conclude that the probablity for finding any of the quarks is equal and the highest at the boundary and lowest at the center. Since the charges are +2/3, -1/3, -1/3 respectively they should then all cancel each other out at the boundary making the neutron appear non-charged from the outside.

    Edit: Hmm... It seems I managed to mess up the subject line, it was supposed to be "Quark motion inside a neutron". If a moderator would like to take the effort...
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