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Homework Help: Neutron pulse dose

  1. Jan 6, 2014 #1
    This isn't really a homework question per say. I found this in some old notes and have been trying to figure out the first part of it. I cannot find the equation for parts a and b, I have parts c and d solved based off the answer to b which is in parenthesis and it matches the answer at the end of c.

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    A proposed experiment is expected to have a total neutron yield of 10^14 2.5-MeV neutrons per pulse.
    a. What is the dose equivalent at the center of the pulse to tissue
    b. What is the dose equivalent at 20 m from the center of the pulse to tissue (~60 mrem)
    c. Assume a pulse is 20 nsec and that the neutrons now have an energy of 2-MeV. A 30 cm concrete shield is placed at 20 m, what is the tissue dose just behind the wall. (5.55 mrem)
    d. From part c, what is the gamma ray dose equivalent to tissue behind the shield (0.55 mrem)

    2. Relevant equations
    I know that from part a to b it is just a 1/R^2 equation, I just need help to remember what the equation is for dose equivalent of neutrons.

    Thanks for any help
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