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Neutron Reaction?

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    Neutron Reaction????

    Now, I am doing a research about neutron reaction with many level of energy. With intermediate and high energy, I use optical model to calculate the total cross section of the reaction. But in the low energy, I can not do like that because I do not know about the parameters of each reaction. How can I to calculate the total cross section?
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    please specify.

    at what level are your "research" ?

    What reaction, what energy range are you examine?

    What parameters dont you know? Do you use resonances? are your parameters from experimental data? etc.
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    I want to use Breit-Wigner formula to calculate the cross section of neutron resonance reaction.
    But, in fact, in that formula, there are a lot of parameters I do not know.
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    you still did not say what reaction you are looking at etc.

    And this is HOMEWORK, you wrote it in your PM to me, so this should be moved to HW section.
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