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I Neutron scattering - determing the magnetic moment for MnO

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    I'm told that the MnO crystal resembles in structure that of NaCl (FCC) with lattice constant a, and am first asked to write a general expression for the position vector Rj of the ion j in the unit cell of MnO. I am then asked to find the vector K for MnO in order to use the relation μj0e(iK⋅Rj) to determine the magnetic moment of an ion at the position Rj.

    I initially wrote down the unit cell vectors for one of the two atoms, and added to these a basis (due to the second atom): a1=a/2(x^+y^),a2=a/2(x^+z^),a3=a/2(y^+z^), with basis: d1=0,d2=a/2(x^+y^+z^).
    How am I to formulate the expression for the general position vector Rj? Would it simply be a linear combination of all these vectors? Next, for determining the value of the vector K, need I to first find the reciprocal lattice?
    I'd appreciate some explicit assistance/guidance.
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