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Never use the last of the toilet paper!

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    jimmy p

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    It makes me mad, but not enough to cave someone in with a bloody hammer! Just inflict mild pain on someone for the discomfort and embarrassment. Happened to me a couple of days ago. I had to use kitchen roll.
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    Maybe he really really had to go :bugeye:
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    If you're that desperate, grab your roommate's t-shirt; that should teach him well enough not to replace the TP, no need to kill the guy! :eek:
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    Bah! Bunch of bleeding-heart, pink-bottomed liberal commies. Of course you have to kill the guy. How else is he gonna learn?
    -- Denny Crane
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    I really think there making this stuff up.Or are people that dum:uhh:
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    I once had some roomies that really pissed me off. When I moved out I got even by taking all the toilet paper in the house and burning it in the fireplace just before I left. I made sure it was all burned up and the fire was out before I left, I didn't want the place to burn down. The last roll I saved and tossed at their puppy who liked to tear the place apart and had chewed up one of my leather bound books. I'm sure he had a good time strewing it all about the front room.
    Reading this I'm glad I had left the state by the time they found out.
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    Wow I hope the prison they send him to only issues him one sheet a day!
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