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New 2006 Theory

  1. Jan 14, 2006 #1
    New 2006 Theory
    NFL underdog winner theory

    Theory has only one rule:
    Winners must win once as an underdog before they must then lose.

    Remaining NFL playoff games to serve as Experimental Validation or Falsification of theory, expected to be valid in 2006.

    Wildcard results:
    Rule had no predictive value as no winners had been established only seeding. I.E. (Home field for favorites – Visitor status for all underdogs)

    Predictions 2nd round Games:
    Patriots won Wildcard but not as an underdog
    – Therefore Patriots must win as underdog visitors over Denver.
    All other Wildcard Teams won as underdogs
    – Therefore they must now lose.
    Thus favorites Chicago, Indianapolis, & Seattle to win.

    Predictions Championships:
    Chicago @ Seattle; Both have won but neither as underdog,
    - therefore as underdog in this game Chicago must win.

    Patriots @ Indianapolis; Patriots coming off winning as underdog must now lose,
    - Therefore Colts and Bears @ Detroit for Superbowl.

    Superbowl note:
    Chicago will be playing after winning as an underdog,
    Sorry Bears

    No funding or grants are requested for this Theory,
    Theory research investments have already been committed.
    No copyright on theory – public domain distribution is authorized.

    go Real Blue.

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  3. Jan 16, 2006 #2
    Initial testing of the theory produced an anomaly for one of the expected results on Saturday, - expected to be just a random error in observation.
    HOWEVER, on Sunday an additional 5 of 7 predicted results were counter indicated:
    With only one of seven predictions confirmable, more than enough empirical results are in to declare the proposed theory as falsified!

    Evaluation of results gives some consideration to some unknown variable being in direct control of the actual results. Understanding such an unknown may or may not be able to provide directly predictable results.

    Also a new theory based on measurable ambiguity of results could lend itself to an analogy based on statistically predictable chances.
    However a mathematical theory based on predicting probable game results based on some principle of uncertainty would be difficult to confirm. Since, Experimental lab time is only available once a year.

    This does allow ample time for additional, more directly predictive, theories to be considered.
    Or in the alternative some other area of theory development less complex than the NFL should be considered – like particle physics.

    a Real Bummer
  4. Jan 16, 2006 #3
    Playoffs, we can predict all we want, but nobody knows what will actually happen. I was way off this week :smile:
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