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New 911 video

  1. Nov 11, 2006 #1
    Not sure if this is new but i hadnt seen it before:

    http://video.google.nl/videoplay?docid=-5370762387415552903 [Broken]
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    I thought it was a new Porsche advert or something, didn't I get the shock of my life. Interesting seeing from the point of view of a resident of the city at the time.
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    i love how she edited out the second plane hitting the tower..

    "omg .. omg../ omg omg omg"

    so annoying.
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    Yeah, what's up with that??? :rolleyes:

    I wonder what it would be like for me to be that close and watch everything unfold like that...
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    I think she put the camera down, possibly to greet "Bob" who was not there before, but was there when the film picks up again.

    Notice the au pair they had for their child started going on about how people in the Middle East had to live with this sort of thing all the time.

    Something you may not have noticed is that "Bob & Bri" were a rather wealthy couple. That apartment probably rented (assuming it wasn't a condo) for several thousand ($5,000+, and possibly more than twice that) a month. Anything big enough for an au pair not to make more problems than she solves is going to cost a lot in that district. A broom closet would cost a lot. The child appeared to be a toddler, not an infant, so it wasn't a temporary arrangement, although she might not have been living there, but just present during the day.
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    I still dont understand their logical conclusion of
    big plane -> military plane!
    wait, did I miss something???

    I find the perspective of someone living close by rather interesting... Notice how the first thing she said after the building was collapsing was something about all of the people. Almost everyone I know here in Arizona, the first thing they thought was "omg the building is actually collapsing...." and not exactly on the people.

    Also, several times throughout the video, it seemed that she was scared about what could happen, like if there was going to be more and more of this. Most people outside of New York weren't as worried, they only thought "why did someone want to destroy the WTCs?"...etc.
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    We're talking womenfolk, and you want sense out of 'em?
    Her and everyone else in the nation. Even the people in AZ felt there was bound to be more of it, even if they didn't expect anything to happen to them, personally. Many people still feel that way today.

    But, on the more immediate scale you intended, I have no doubt their building shook quite strongly when each of the towers went down. Being on the 60th floor (or whatever), that could not have been a reassurring sensation. She also had a legitimate cause for concern. It looks like they were right on the edge of the serious air-contamination.

    Also, although the camera doesn't show it well, those shots of the top of the tower are taken at almost a 45 deg angle from the horizontal. It's pretty imposing. You might know that concrete buildings have almost zero tensile strength and will not topple like a tree, but you'd still run if you were in the shadow of a wobbly one.
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    hehehe :biggrin:
    My point was more towards the "even if they didn't expect anything to happen to them, personally". I did have a few friends ask me if we were all going to die, but then again I was in 7th grade. The sense of emergency wasn't as high though. People still went to school, etc.

    I didn't even really think of that :eek: . That must have been insane, being in that apartment, or anywhere else close by...

  10. Nov 12, 2006 #9
    I'd another thought on that video (two, actually).

    The beginning in really sinister. It's like something out of a dead teenager movie (Nightmare on Elm St., etc.), with the children's nursery rhyme playing in the background. It's not until minutes later you realize there's a toddler in the apartment (it protests twice, and the camera flashes very briefly across a woman holding a toddler later). I suspect a lot fo the "editing" is when she puts the camcorder down to tend to the child.

    Also, she had another cause for conern: "Bri and Bob" would probably have both been a lot happier if they'd headed out of the city immediately for a hotel in the suburbs. Those who left right away had no problem getting out. Their neighborhood was without power for days (I think weeks for some places).
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