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News New Abortion Laws

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    I was watching 'The Factor' a few days ago and apparently there is a new law in Texas which requires all women seeking an abortion to view pictures of a developing fetus along with other educational excercises. I really want some further information on this along with a few internet sources. Please help me.
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    maybe eminem there can help you...

    just look up texas abortion laws in google or another trustworthy search engine...that doesn't surprise me though that law comes from texas...
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    ACT Tried This

    Yeh, we tried that law about four years ago, here in Canberra, Australia. Its nothing new - really just shock tactics.
    http://www.wel.org.au/inkwel/ink991/osborne.htm [Broken]

    At my local abortion clinic, the "holier than thou" Catholics pray for the children about to be sucked from the womb, directly outside where the abortions are conducted. Poor girls who have an abortion have to walk past these pricks. In my opinion, thats worse.
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    Kerrie, I did already search under google and with the exact words you used. That is why i came here to get help.
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