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(New) Advice on Jobs

  1. Aug 9, 2014 #1
    Hi everyone, I have just joined PF.

    I just had wanted a bit of advise. I have a BSc in Mathmatics, Statistics & Computing and an MSc in Applied Mathematical Modelling with Scientific Computing. Graduated almsot 3 years ago. I have been working in admin/finance roles since then. At the moment I work in finance (Accounts Reciable). I want to change fields, something more in line with my MSc. I know a change of field is not easy (and have been thinking about it for a while but have had other personal things going on). Something in London would be ideal, as I live here already.

    I have started researching into the types of fields I can go into (however, I know there is more). Firstly, some modules I was interested were in applied maths: actuary, calculus, computation fluid dynamics, finite element anlaysis, scientific modelling. My ideal job would involve these sorts of things. I have researched and a few fields I can go into are: actuary, risk, aerospace & defense contractors, enineering/data scientist/research scientist, scientific/mathematical modelling and simulation, & forensics.

    Does anyone knows of any other types of fields I can go into, or any top companies with roles suited for me, or are there also engineering/applied mathematical related agencies I could contact. If there is any other advise please can leave me it would help.

    Also, I am amending my CV to become more Applied Maths. Is the following ok for a profile at the begining or is it too general:
    "I am a self-motivated, ambitious and diligent mathematical science postgraduate. I have experience in finance which required extensive data analysis, reporting and initiative whilst multi-tasking, prioritising and paying attention-to-detail. My passion is to progress intellectually and professionally in the applied mathematical/scientific modeling industry, with a dynamic and inspiring company that supplements my versatility and abilities. I am willing to learn and embrace challenging environments."

    I have a list of 54 companies/agencies so far. What do people reccomend/not recommend?
    100% admin recruitment ltd
    agility global ltd
    anne jagger
    AS recruitment
    Bluefire engineering and technical
    celcius recruitment
    drs commodities
    Elite employee ltd
    Elliot marsh headhunters
    first actuarial
    harcourt matthews
    Hunter and chase – national and international headhunters
    Hw search and selection ltd
    Intec (uk) ltd
    jam recruitment
    Kbc associates
    Linkpoint resources limited
    M8 recruitment ltd
    Mana resourcing ltd
    Mechanical and electrical agency
    parallel consulting
    park siderec
    Premier group recruitment
    red snapper group
    resourcing group
    stiles recruitment
    Temp find
    The advocate group
    Unity recruitment
    your recruit

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  3. Aug 10, 2014 #2
    First, are you looking to get work through a recruiter or are you willing to attempt negotiating through the HR divisions themselves?

    Many of the the firms you list are from companies that simply farm your resume or CV to other companies. Such recruiters are often used for extremely specialized or high profile jobs. However, you are still very much a generalist. I'm not sure how well such recruiters can help you in your situation.
  4. Aug 14, 2014 #3


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    You say you live in London. You haven't even got the excuse of living in the US or somewhere!

    I wouldn't give a job to anybody who doesn't know the difference between "advise" and "advice"! :tongue2:
  5. Aug 14, 2014 #4
    To be honest: It's a nice bag of buzzwords and hollow phrases with a spice of "I worked in finance where I did data analysis". No offense meant. But for me this is the type of text that explains how scientists can send dozens of applications without getting an interview.
  6. Aug 14, 2014 #5


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    I'll give you my brutal translation of that, sitting on the other side of the interview as an engineer:

    "In my time in finance I've learned how to play management buzzword bingo".

    If you want to do CFD or FE analysis, you had better give prospective employers the idea you actually know something about them, - not just the mathematical theory behind them, but how to use some of the industry standard programs.

    A good way to self-evaluate that type of "personal statement" is to ask yourself if anybody would ever write the opposite, i.e. "I am an unmotivated, unambitious and lazy mathematical science postgraduate", etc. If not, it is content-free.

    If you want to convince me you are motivated, versatile, etc, follow the principle of "don't tell me, show me".
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