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New AGW name

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    I got this great idea. It came to me. Instead of Anthropogenic global warming (AGW), we should call it catastrophic anthropogenic climate alternation (CACA). :cool: Do we like this one better or should we stick with AGW? I personally like CACA better. Maybe I'll use it instead. :biggrin: Reminds me of the Dark Tower. In the book series, they say Ka is a wheel, Ka is destiny, and Ka is also your history. Your history is your destiny: many if not all of the Earth (and the universe)'s systems are cyclic in nature, and are bound to repeat themselves. Maybe not perfectly the same, but things tend to fall into place, into a cyclic order.
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    He he he ... CACA fit's in so many ways, whether you believe in it or not (I incidentally, believe we're effecting climate change). AGW is increasingly believed to be a misnomer, as everyone is not focused on climate change rather than "warming", but whatever you call it if we don't get a hold on it we'll be in deep caca. It's all caused by people spewing caca in the air, and the largest contributor is thought by some to be Cattle based farts (gaseous caca). Most of all, the whole controversy over climate change has devolved in to a pile of verbal caca, supported and denied largely by meaningless statistics, or in other words: caca.
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    Caca is a perfect decription of your idea.

    I think this is good for GD.
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    I think caca is very apt, the Welsh use that term to describe any thing that is not up to standard, may be not the same spelling but it sounds the same, so the theory of AGW is caca.
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    Let me just tell you that CACA will sound very, very silly to french hears :rofl:
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