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New Angular Velocit

  1. Oct 22, 2008 #1
    The mass of a star is 1.1e31 kg and its angular velocity is 1.40×10-7 rad/s. Find its new angular velocity if the diameter suddenly shrinks to 0.17 times its present size. Assume a uniform mass distribution before and after. [Icm for a solid sphere of uniform density is 2/5 mr^2].

    Can anyone helps me plz?.... i dont know hoyw to begin this exercise...
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    Hi Naldo6,

    What quantity would be conserved in this process?
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    can u solve me this problem?....
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    I'm sorry Naldo, but forum rules here prohibit doing someone else's homework for them. If I were to just solve the problem for you the multitude of homework helpers and mentors would unite and rise against me and crush me like a worm.

    So instead of that, think of what quantity would be conserved here. There should only be a few conserved quantities that you have studied: energy, momentum, etc. What other conservation equation have you studied, that applies here? Once you have determined that, you can use that to write an equation that will help you solve the problem.
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