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New Apaartment Essentials

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    So I just moved into a new place with a friend. I have never moved someplace where we did not have the essentials though so I have never bought any of my own. Right now we need a refrigerator. I think that is the biggest concern. We have a stove and oven so we can cook though my roomie would prefer that we have a microwave aswell. He also wants a TV so we can hook up and use his Xbox.

    My parents gave me a rice cooker a while back which is quite useful. It can also steam veggies.

    My grandmother is a pack rat so I went to my grandparents and was able to russle up some dishes and pots and pans and such. I was also able to get a card table and a fan.

    I went to walmart and picked up a few other things that didn't cost much. A dish drying rack and a kitchen trashcan. A pizza pan which is good for DeGiorno pizza (cheap decent food) and for using as a baking sheet for TV dinners and such.

    I want to pick up some large-ish storage containers for keeping pasta, rice, flour, sugar, ect. We can stock up and have the basics for cooking a meal in the house at all times.

    Can anyone think of anything else that would be a good idea to have?
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    You seem to have everything down by the looks of it.

    What about things like... Aspirin, Cold Medicin and such? I'm sure you don't want to run to the pharmacy when you're sick.

    What about the cooking essentials? Like the spatula, and the other things you need to cook food with. You have pots and stuff, but anything to actually remove the pasta while it is boiling would be nice.

    There are lots of others but I think Food and Medicin and number one. Also, toilette paper. :smile:
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    Yep. I have gone through a few bouts of migraines and such lately so I have plenty of pain killers and I think I still have some sudafed.

    At my grandmothers I picked up a colander, two pots (small and medium, coud use a large), two small pans, a skillet, several various sized bowls, three neat soup and sandwich sets (like https://www.amazon.com/Set-2-Soup-Sandwich-Plates/dp/B000IHJDQ2 though differnt in style), four drinking glasses (bought two more at walmart), two spatulas, a pizza cutter, two large cooking spoons (one with slats), a simple four place silverware set, a ladle, one of those large two pronged forks for cooking, and I think that's about it. My grandfather would have loved for me to take more though.

    I already had four plates but they're plastic and I'll probably get new ones. A wisk might be good. Oh and I totally forgot about knives while I was there. I'm not sure if they still do but they used to have about four or five knife sets.

    Now that I have my own kitchen (my roomie doesn't cook but for maybe mac and cheese) I want to start cooking again. I'll need to look up some good recipes. I really want to learn how to make home made thai style curry.
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