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New Applied Math Degree (CS Track)

  1. Apr 6, 2014 #1
    Hello everyone,

    I am a senior at a university in Florida. I am currently majoring in Asian Studies and minoring in Applied Math. I am going to graduate this upcoming fall semester, but I am still interested in finishing the Applied Math minor that I started with a new degree that is going to be added in my university's curriculum within the next two years or so. Below are the classes in this new degree's computer science track. I would like to know your opinion of the degree based on the curriculum to know if it is well constructed. Here are the list of classes:

    Required Lower Division Courses
    • MAC 2311 Calculus I (4 credits)
    • MAC 2312 Calculus II (4 credits)
    • MAC 2313 Calculus III (4 credits)
    • MAP 2302 Differential Equations (3 credits)
    • MAD 2104 Discrete Math (3 credits)
    One of the following courses is also required:
    • COP 2210 Introduction to Programming (4 credits)
    • COP 2250 Java Programming (3 credits)
    • CGS 2423 C for Engineers (3 credits)

    Required Upper Division Program
    • MAS 3105 Linear Algebra (3 credits)
    • MAA 3200 Introduction to Advanced Mathematics (3 credits)
    • STA 4321 Mathematical Statistics I (3 credits)
    • MAP 3103 Mathematical Modeling (3 credits)
    • MAP 3103L Math Modelling Lab (1 credit)
    • MAD 3401 Numerical Analysis (3 credits)
    • MAP 4xxx Capstone Mathematical Modelling (3 credits)
    • MAP 4xxxL Capstone Lab (1 credit)

    Computer Science Track
    MAD 3512 Theory of Algorithms (3 credits); MAP 4XXX Scientific Computing (3 credits); MAD 3305 Graph Theory (3 credits)
    COP3337 Computer Programming II (3 credits), COP 3530 Data Structures (3 credits), CDA 3103
    Fundamentals of Computer Systems (3 credits) and at least one course from the following list: COP 4338 Programming III, COP 4710 Databases, CAP 4770 Data Mining, COP 4534 Algorithm Design Techniques, CAP 4710 Graphics.

    Please let me know your opinion, as I would like to know that with this upcoming Applied Math degree would make me a marketable employee.

    Thanks in advance.
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