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New Balance Athletic Shoe Sale

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    For PF members that are within driving distance, please contact me if you want to save up to 40% over the factory-store prices on these shoes for your kids and yourself. My wife would like to enjoy her vacation, but if I asked her, she would be happy to accompany you to the sale and apply her 40% employee discount to your purchases at the register. Just be nice, don't waste time, and get out of there. That tent sale can be be hot and disconcerting (and crowded!). Luckily, there is the Oak Pond Brewing company not too far away, so there is a nice opportunity to tour and sample the latest brews. Nice side-trip for the adults.

    If you can show up at least relatively fragrance-free, we could perhaps do a BBQ on the deck, too. I have some severe reactions to fragrances in fabric-softeners and some detergents, but if I can stay upwind of some mild sources I can manage to survive. Hope for a breeze! ;)
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    Wish I could come, turbo! Opposite coast, though :frown:.
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    I wish you could come, too! NB makes some decent shoes with soles that resist break-down. Those are pretty essential for people that have to work on their feet all day. Cheaper shoes are not good for people who have to spend a lot of time on their feet.
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    If I lived closer. I would so be there! I am constantly on my feet at work, I need a new pair about every 6 months or sooner. It gets expensive!!!!!!!!!!
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