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Physics New BS Physics looking for MS

  1. Aug 20, 2012 #1
    Need a bit of help with this, and some input would be appreciated

    I Have a BS in physics with a minor in CS, I recently graduated in may and currently got a position as an Applications Engineer at a photonics company. The Company is offering tuition reimbursment to go to grad school as long as its relative to my field.

    My questoin now is...what can I do besides Optical Engineering that would still be relative?
    I was thinking Applied Physics Engineering, but I am not sure and was wondering if someone could help!

    your input will be greatly appreciated
    Thank you!!
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    Application Engineer can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. What do you actually do? That might help people give you suggestions.
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    I am currenty an Applications Engineer for a Photonics company that offers tons of products in the industry such as Photomultiplier tubes, Photo-diodes, X-ray scanners, Light sources, and many more. My position is in general the technical part of the purchase where I take care of the choice of the correct product with the matching specs for the correct application. Also take care of most problems such as difficulties with installations, malfunctioning, testing, etc.

    Hope that is sufficient

    Thank you,
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