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New, but not so new member!

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    Hello PF,

    I consider myself a new member, since i joined two years ago to ask a question and then didn't come back until recently.

    I've rediscovered PF as an important resource from it's continued appearance at the top of the page when i make long and vague Google searches in regards to physics questions. I've only been browsing for about a month but in that time I've noticed a lot of well informed people spending a lot of their free time on patiently explaining difficult concepts to others and i highly commend this and hold you guys up as a decent example of not only how to structure a forum on science but how to behave as intellectually honest scientists.

    I recently realized (as i progress through my undergrad physics program) that i learn best when i can teach the concepts I've understood to others and their questions always lead me to realize thoughts i hadn't considered and tend to lead me back to the books to revise my thoughts so i can make mine and, by extension, their, understanding more lucid.
    I'm sure this is something you guys have tapped into, and I'm sure it's part of the reason you are here.

    I kinda just wanted to make this not only an introduction, but a thank you, for providing a forum where people of all levels can really get to understanding science in an atmosphere free from prejudice. You really have embodied the spirit of science here and I've been browsing a few times a day almost non-stop for the past month and i can't tell you enough the impact it's had on my intellectual pursuits

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    Hi Teichii492. Welcome back to Physics Forums, we've missed you. :smile:

    Thank you for the kind words. Yes, PF does benefit both those requesting help and those providing it.
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