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New Capacitor

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    The problem of being competitiev with batteries for sorage capacity may be licked! The Ford-MIT Alliance has deveoped a http://web.mit.edu/erc/spotlights/ultracapacitor.html" tat might be a viable replacement for batteries. It should be ready for market in five to ten years, and Hybrid vehicle transportation (the field in which I hope to work) is one of the targetted applications.
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    I'll be impressed when he has actually built one as opposed to building some of the components that may one day go into one.
    How many times have new power sources spelt the end for the conbventional battery? I'm still driving round in a petrol car with a big lump of lead acid to provide starting power.
    Li-Ion is still the only real contender for electric, with the French "Venturi Fetish" leading the field IMHO. 0-60MPH in 4.2sec is a bit better than your average golf cart.
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    Interesting article. Thanks LURCH.
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