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New car

  1. Oct 29, 2005 #1
    I am concerned about our environment, and do my best to keep it clean as much as possible.
    I am going to buy a car soon, and I am looking for an electric car.

    When I was doing my O'levels, I learned about electromagnetic induction, producing an electric current from changing magnetic field.
    Why cant be use this method to run cars? So far, no one has attempted it!:mad:
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    Your best bet is probably a hybrid like the Toyota Prius.

    Btw, electromagnetic induction is being utilized. Pure electric cars use induction motors.
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    And power is generated at the power plant via induction - So I'm not sure what you mean, Brandon.

    AFAIK, there aren't any commercially viable electric cars, and even if there were, you need to charge the batteries, which depending on where you live, could just mean your car is coal powered instead of gas powered. Half the eletricity in the US comes from coal.
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    You could get a Milk Float! Tax exempt, low insurance, and loads of room on the back for crates of whatever you might want to carry around.

    Pay attention, however, to Mr Watters' point that you'll probably just be burning coal to get your electricity.
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    Oh right. So it doesnt really make a difference. I might as well drive a normal petrol car then.
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    Not at all. You could, as suggested, get a hybrid and use much less fuel, and therefore release more pollutants into the atmosphere. Or you could get a less polluting car. Or you could simply learn to drive in a more environmentally-friendly manner...
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    You could always ride a bike...or walk...
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    Bikes dont attract the girls hehe.
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