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New chemical created each year

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    hey guys, I need help...I have read about many chemicals created in every year..how can I know the list names of new chemicals and their hazards??
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    You probably can't. I doubt there's a master list somewhere of brand new chemicals and even if there was the fact that they are brand new means that only the most extreme and obvious hazards are known. But so what? You aren't exposed to any of these new chemicals anyways.
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    This is an imperfect measure (because not all new compounds get added to the CAS Registry), but the American Chemical Society's Chemical Abstract Service maintains a registry of chemical substances, assigning each substance a CAS number for easier tracking across applications. According to CAS, 15,000 new substances are added to the registry per day.

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    Holy cow!
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    I wouldn't say you aren't exposed to any of these new chemicals.
    Most are probably made by industry for various uses.
    At least some of those purposes could involve exposure of the public (outside of labs) or the environment.

    To some this is an unregulated mess.
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    Most of these substances are produces on gram or even mg scale and they never make it out of the lab (and even if they make it out the lab, production scale makes it quite difficult for anyone to get in contact with them).

    Nope, industry makes mostly substances than can be sold (so well known), and tries to minimize byproducts, as it makes the process of producing the required one cheaper. Sure, there are always byproducts, and some can be released (intentionally or not), but these are almost always substances already well known and none of them is between these registered by CAS now - they were registered many years ago.
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