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New Contest? Pimp my avatar

  1. Apr 15, 2007 #1
    this should be pretty obvious

    heres my line up


    any challengers?
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    Pimp can also be used as a verb such as "You're pimped up!" or "Pimp my ride." The latter example refers to customizing an automobile, made popular by the show Pimp My Ride on MTV. It can also be used as an adjective connoting the same, i.e. "Man, that car's pimp!" Either use was originally a derogatory term, implying that the subject was overly decorated and tacky (referring to the stereotype of pimps with excessive jewelry, flashy clothes, or brightly colored cars with animal-print upholstery and crystal chandeliers). It was eventually reclaimed as an American slang term for being unique, "cool" or socially desirable,
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    You should really start considering that bling
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    Ki, get yourself an avatar and I guarantee that I will pimp the living **** out of it. :biggrin:
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