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New cosmology idea

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    This may not be a new idea, I haven't read it anywhere else. Imagine the big bang scenario. Imagine an expanding sphere, like a bubble. Imagine that the "skin" of the sphere is thick, say thirty billion lightyears and as the sphere expands, the "skin" gets thinner. Imagine a coordinate system within the "skin" such that the "y" axis is perpendicular to the "outside" and"inside" of the "skin" and of course other axes are perpendicular to "y". Place yourself at the origin of this coordinate system and what do you see ? Objects "above" and "below" you on the y axis are blue shifted as the sphere expands the skin contracts and objects drawn nearer. Objects on any axis perpendicular to y are red shifted as the sphere expands. This is fairly easy to visualize. But is it too simplistic to account for anomalies in the data that will not fit current models? Anybody ???
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