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New dimensions

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    Im not sure if this is the proper area for this but when they say that there might be other dimensions that we dont no about are they refering to more than xyz? i mean how could something have another dimension, it seems weird to think about. Just looking for someone who has some insight on this topic to discuss it.
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    I am not an expert in string theory. However, the basic idea about dimensions is that there are 7 (?) additional spatial dimensions, which we can't see because they are all curled up.
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    7? wow that sounds insane lol. I mean what do u mean by there all curled up?
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    read 'flatland'.
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    The analogy often used is that of the surface of a thin wire. From our point of view it looks like a straight line (one dimensional). However a closer look reveals that there is an additional dimension, the circle around the surface. These additional dimensions are supposed to be something like this circle.
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    The amount of dimensions depends upon the theory.
    Im pretty sure that regular string theory has 10 or 11.

    greene goes into detail on what the other dimensions look like.
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