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New Direct TV SIgnal Question

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    Is it possible that a faulty AC power source could have an effect on receiving a sattelite signal?

    I had posted earlier asking what could cause me not to pick up a signal after I had moved a TV system on to my boat in the marina. I have also moved this entire system off of the boat to different sites and have been able to receive at those locations. When I bring it all back to the boat and set it up there is no signal. The only thing that is different is the AC power source.

    What I have noticed since being in this marina is the GFCI plugs on board will pop frequently. This never happened when we were here before so I was wondering if my no sattlelite signal problem could stem from this. Could a faulty ground/neutral system be the problem.
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    yes, in your boat I assume you have a power inveter from 12 or 24 Volts to 120 AC right?

    If so, then there are two kinds of inverters. The cheap ones output a pulsed waveform at 120 V, and the more expensive one output a purer sine wave at 120 Volts which what is you are getting in your home outlet.

    Pulsed output inverters are good for powering lights, motors, and general higher power applications, but pure sine wave inverters are good for powering sensitive electornic equipment.
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    Do have a pure sine wave inverter. Everything has worked fine until now. Have noticed that the GFCI outlet keeps opening. Haven't figured out why yet but I am sure it is something in the shore power system. Never had any problem until we got to this marina. It's a real stumper.
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