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Discrete New Discrete Math textbook

  1. Jan 21, 2016 #1
    Hi everyone,

    I'm helping my professor pick out a new Discrete math book. He has been using Discrete Mathematical Structures 6th Kolman for at least 4+ years. He's on the search of finding one, but hasn't been successful with it. I was wondering what kind of textbook you would recommend. I will taking this class in Fall 2016!

    Here's the description of the course:
    This course introduces mathematical systems. Topics include methods of proof, sets, logic, functions, relations, graphs, trees, and algebraic systems. Prerequisite: MA151 Calculus 1. (Fall Semester only)

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    Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics - An Applied Introduction, Ralph P. Grimaldi
    Concrete Mathematics - A Foundation for Computer Science, Donald Knuth et al.
    Discrete Mathematical Structures, G. Rao Shankar

    They treat the common topics in discrete mathematics (combinatorics, basic probability, graph theory, etc.) rigorously and contain very excellent sets of problems. I especially think Grimaldi's book will be a good introduction for both the discrete mathematics and an introduction to proofs since he assume little to no background in the proof skill from the students and teach it from the beginning. Knuth and Rao are also excellent textbooks which I recommend if professor is more of hand-holding type as they are quite difficult to read but full of insights. Knuth's book incorporates the concepts from calculus but I think the professor must review the basic concepts of series and sequences if he choose that book.

    I know there are popular books like Rosen and Epps, but I feel like both books are very long-winded and not to the point in a quick manner. If you are looking for an easier introduction to the discrete mathematics, Discrete Mathematics by Gary Chartrand et al. is very good choice (he is also an expert in the graph theory and its textbooks).
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