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News New Election in Florida's 13th?

  1. Nov 21, 2006 #1
    Lawsuits have been filed by a candidate, and voters, to re conduct the election in the 13th district of Florida because of 18,000 under votes (15%). This bears watching.



    Here is a list of election problems around the country.

    All 231 of them.

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    15% is way too high, and I would be rather upset myself if I had made an effort to vote only to find out that a machine screwed up and my vote didn't register.

    It is not enough simply to go through the process of voting - the vote must be registered.

    This kind of problem is really unacceptable and it would seem those who are responsible for the function of this process do not care enough.

    Lack of integrity will undermine any political or social system.
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    Voting instructions: The polling officer will roll a die. If you land a '6', your ballot will be torn up. Better luck next time!

    I mean really - how can people tolerate such an abysmal system? 15% of votes lost? In the 21st century? In a first-world superpower? :confused:

    I wonder how many of those 363 deciding votes were multiple-votes cast by technically ept voters using any one of the numerous backdoors. :uhh:
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    Katherine Harris' district? How unexpected!
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    Do I detect some cynicism or perhaps a tad bit dissatisfaction?
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    After an analysis of the ballots the Orlando Sentinel has found that the ballots in question heavily favored Dem's.

    http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/elections/orl-mvote2206nov22,0,1009612.story?page=2&coll=orl-home-headlines [Broken]

    I believe that the most important domestic issue facing this country is the need for an electoral process that re-instills confidence in the democratic process.
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  8. Dec 2, 2006 #7
    Security Of Electronic Voting Is Condemned

    As if we didn't already know this.

    Guess what kind of machines were used in Florida's 13th district. No paper trail = no recount. That is why they are asking for a new election.
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    What, no wingnuts are going to weigh in here? Lemme give it a try:

    Hah! off corse teh undervotes favered teh democraps, dumbocrat voters r too stoopid to work the voting machiens.
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