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New electric motor principle

  1. Nov 6, 2003 #1

    I've posted this topic on electrical engineering, but maybe here more people will see it.

    Please, take a read to


    It's an study based on the Butch Lafonte's equilibrium motor.
    Please, forget the claims, and take a look under classical physical principles.

    Basically, on normal motors we use the electric energy to impulse the motor, and get similar mechanical work. On this device, the iron cores do the mechanical work, and the electric energy on coils "hide" the iron cores at proper timing, using electric energy, but almost without doing work.

    The simulations give a possitive result.

    As Integral pointed out, you need work to build a field, but it also happens on normal motors.

    So normal motors have the same problem to create the fields, and also, receive the back EMF, and then need extra work:

    input work = Work to build fields + backEMF + mechanical work + losses

    On the new configuration, you must do work to build the fields, but you have not backEMF, and the mechanical work is caused by the iron cores, not by the coils:

    input work = Work to build the fields + losses

    so the efficiency looks much greater. Dont you think so?

    Could not the work of the atracting cores be greater than the electric work to build the fields?

    Could you tell me what do you think?

    Forget the regrets about me, or if it's free energy. Just see the physical fact that a magnet between two north poles (or two south poles) could feel no oposition nor atraction to rotate properly disposed. It could just feel no effect, and also it could cause no backEMF effect on the coils.

    I wish you could see this fact with clear eyes. Sure you have more knowledge about physics than me, and i hope you could see what i'm talking behind this knowledge to explain if it works like spected, and not using other physics concepts to opose the results with the thermodinamics laws, the enthropy, the losses, the "build-it", etc...

    If you answer that the method explained can't work, just tell me how do you get that conclusion. If you talk about all the laws that could restrict the working, please, talk me about how they affect this system specifically, and if you see a solution to avoid that problem, please, let me know.

    If i expose this method to "physics people", they will use physics to go against it, not to analyze it.

    If i expose this method to "free energy people" they will say it sure works, using physics or not.

    So am I alone about this concept?.

    Please, i need REAL physics people that uses physics knowledge like a tool, not like a weapon.

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