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New Elements.

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    Darmstadt gets credit for new elements 110 and 111.

    The discovery of element 111 has been officially credited to the GSI laboratory in Darmstadt, Germany, by a joint working party set up by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) and the sister union for physics (IUPAP). IUPAC has also officially approved a proposal from GSI that element 110 - which was also discovered at the German lab - should be known as darmstadtium (Ds).

    Sigurd Hofmann and co-workers first created element 111 in December 1994 by colliding a beam of nickel-64 nuclei with a target made of bismuth-209. The GSI team observed three chains of events that signalled the production and decay of nuclei that contained 111 protons and 161 neutrons.

    Darmstadtium!!! As if it wasn't hard enough already for school kids to master the elemental table.
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    The solution is to fund new element searches in southeast asia, so we could have u-nuium.
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