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B New energy creation

  1. Mar 21, 2017 #1
    What I'm about to ask might sound dumb because I'm in sec 3 and just really recently started learning about energy , matter and whatnot. This is really just a pitch
    To create free energy couldn't you take a really big object and split an atom from a molecule and have it gravitate around that big object to create energy? Or would that create an insignificantly low amount of energy? (I believe it would be the latter)
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    It creates absolutely no energy at all.
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    According to law of conservation of energy, energy is neither created nor destroyed. In what way did you think it would create energy?
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    A small object "gravitating around" a big object? That sounds like an orbit. An orbit is a constant energy situation. Energy is not expended in an orbit.
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    Well yeah, you can mix some molecules with other ones, and the result is an explosion.
    That doesn't make energy though, it just released energy that already was there.
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    You can't create "free energy" (if you can, you're a shoo-in for a Nobel Prize). I'm not sure how your model would work. As rootone pointed out, you can certainly cause atoms to move between molecules and convert energy already in place to create all kinds of reactions. You can split the atom itself to create a nuclear reaction. But you're not "creating" energy, you're just converting it.
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    The maximum amount of energy you could get out of the system would be exactly the amount of energy that was needed to 'split' the atom from the molecule. Splitting and moving around atoms from and amongst molecules is actually what is happening when Chemical Compounds are changed and formed. Energy is available from that source but, as always, it's a downhill path and, once the fuel has been burned, it can't be burned again.
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    Welcome to the PF, Venus. :smile:

    It's great that you are starting to learn more about science and physics. Keep on learning, and you will be able to answer questions like this better on your own. We usually do not let discussions about Free Energy go on for very long, and prefer that you follow the links below to learn why you cannot create Free Energy or have Perpetual Motion Machines. I had the same thoughts and questions as you when I was starting to learn about science, and learned pretty quickly that "there is no free lunch". :smile:

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