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Homework Help: New equation? y=3tan(2x) shifted down 5 and 60 left?

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    Im not sure I think it is either

    y=3tan (2(x-60))-5



    which will become y=3 tan(2 (x-30))-5 but I think this one is wrong

    if the first one is right then should the 60 have a negative or plus sign before it?

    HELP!!!! QUICK!! :cry: :cry:
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    Think about this. Suppose you have the function f(x) and you want to shift the graph to the right by an amount a. Should the new shifted function be f(x-a) or f(x+a)?
    You can answer this by looking at the value of a single point, for example f(0). The shifted function f(x-a) has that value not at x=0, but at x=a, since f(a-a)=f(0), so is that function shifted to the left or to the right?

    Also, if the original function is f(x)=3tan(2x) and you want to shift the thing over 60 units, which do you think is correct? 3tan(2(x-60)) or 3tan(2(x-30))?
    Which of these is of the form f(x-60)?
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