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New Farscape miniseries airs Sunday/Monday at 9pm EST on SciFi

  1. Oct 16, 2004 #1
    After 18 months of http://www.scaperoute.com/savefarscape/onlinekit/multimedia/mmmain.html.

    Probably the best reason to watch this is to get the SciFi channel to stop wasting their money on sub-B "original" movies they're constantly spewing out (the classic Pythons 2, or the masterpiece Avalanche: Unleashed) and start spending it on what works.

    Promo images from the new miniseries:

    The new Farscape miniseries screensaver:
    http://www.kfc.com/scifi/Checkage.htm [Broken]


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    I liked the first season, it was funny, but then they started messing with the characters and it went downhill. It just became too dark and depressing.

    Same thing with LEXX.
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    jimmy p

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    So it isnt coming back? That was a bugger of an end then...
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    According to director Brian Henson's comments, it could come back and he hopes it will. It all depends on the success of the miniseries. He would like to bring back the series, or maybe do a movie, or some spinoffs. So get everyone you know to watch tonight.
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    I never really got into Farscape. I watched a few episodes when it first came on and just recently when they had the little marathon.
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