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New Favicon?

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    With the new look, I think PF should get a new favicon. Here some suggestions:

    pf_favicon_1.png pf_favicon_2.png pf_favicon_3.png
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    Thanks A.T. I'll look into this.
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    A new favicon has been added
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    Thanks Greg. Matches the new color scheme much better.

    Note to others: Clear the cache and reload if you still see the old one.
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    For Mac users, it appears that the Safari web browser does not support dynamic faviconing(?), but does display and update the number of alerts:


    The top browser is Chrome, the bottom, Safari.

    I don't think there is any way around this, based on my interpretation of a level 10(ninja?) Mac user:

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    True, for the odd browser, if dynamic favicon updating is not possible it will alter the page title to include the number of new alerts.
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    Somehow I missed bookmarking lisab and being OCD about things. :mad:


    Edit: This is a good time to apply this method.
    I'm not really :mad:. Which I'm sure you know. ;)

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