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New Fiber-optics being installed

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    Just learned that the trucks, people and heavy equipment in the community are installing new fiber-optics telecommunication lines. Money from the Federal grant that the local telephone company received is funding it. No idea what the speed will end up being, but suspect faster then 3-4Mb/s that it is currently.
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    Google is installing a 100 Gbps network for us. We won the contest.
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    I have no idea what ours will be yet, while I knew they received grant money, I did not know what they would going to be doing until today. Gent working outside said he did not know what the cap would be, but it should be quite faster and we'd be happy with. Very few others in the area, if any others, have fiber-optics.

    I envy Nippon Telegraph and Telephone with their 171Gb/s per channel over 432 channels, 69.1Tbit/s total I think.
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    We are trading in a POS car (brand to remain anonymous) 2006 model tomorrow that had a fiber optic network that connected most every safety and electrical system in the car. They manifacturer called it on the "bleeding edge" at the time it was made. We had many instances of ghost signals on the fiber, causing all kinds of gremlins, like the radio speaker's being automatically muted when not wanted for example. I hope the techonolgy has been perfected since then because in 2006 is was and is to this day a POS. Just my two cents...

    Rhody... :grumpy:

    The car was returned to the dealer "dozens" that's right, dozens of times under warranty, and no amount of tinkering/testing and replacing either the fiber or what it was connected to ever fixed the problems, enough said.
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    Any reason to keep the manufacturer and model and year of the vehicle anonymous?

    I think fiber-optics in a vehicle is bit much, it not like it has a great distance to send any signal, can't be that much electrical interference from other components. Probably just hype of being able to say it uses fiber-optics.
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