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New film on quantum physics

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    Hello everyone! I recently discovered this wonderful forum while searching for references for an upcoming film I'm currently working on. I know this is going to sound like a strange request, but I'm looking for anyone interested in being a science advisor for our film. Before anyone gets too excited, let me explain that we are a non-profit, independent film group and there would be no pay involved for those offering their services. However, you will recieve full credit for your assistance - on our website and on the film credits. We're hoping to submit the film to Sundance (as well as many other film fests), so in the event that the film does make it BIG, you will be invited to the screenings and have a chance to bask in the glory of it all. :)

    Now, with that said, what our group is looking for is someone who is well educated in the field of Quantum physics - specifically Quantum Entanglement. A few of us have 'armchair' knowledge in the field and are looking to entertain our interests by making a film about it. The genre of our film is sci-fi/thriller, and could be (somewhat) compared to Butterfly Effect or Quantum Leap, in that it's not a 'spacey' sci-fi film.

    Our goal is to take what we know about quantum physics today, and add to it, by prediciting what interesting commercial devices could be created in the future - once we finally harness the power of quantum physics.

    If anyone is interested, please send email to: brawny_lads@yahoo.com

    I will send a synopsis of the film to you and go from there. Feel free to check out our website so you know we are a real film group: www.brawnylads.com[/URL]

    Be aware that most of our older films were short comedy based skits and that we are looking to branch out into more serious, feature length films. This film, being one of them.

    I hope nobody get's upset for me posting this here, but, after scanning through the forum, I considered this one of the best forums for gathering real scientific resources. As I'm sure, most of you would like to see more 'realistic' science in sci-fi films, so by contributing, you would help ensure that. :)

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