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New Flying Machine?

  1. May 5, 2010 #1
    This may be a bit weird but please consider my idea..

    Flying Machines like the aeroplane work on the principles of aerodynamic lift employing a special wing structure.

    What if I make an alteration to this design such that these "wings" are replaced by moveable "curved surfaces" like the cylinder or any derivative of the sphere which can be moved (actually rotated) by varoious means like paddling or using an engine..
    Actually I am trying to employ the Magnus effect, (& as I am not looking for huge scale implementation or commercial success) can this machine really fly by rotating these "wings" (or whtever they are) (predetermining the wind direction & thus adjusting the direction of rotation) just so much as to satisfy a poor man's thirst for adventure??
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    Whatever you meant by that last line but I had never seen that icar101 thing & I have no way to prove. But I am happy that my question's answered & as I had thought it can fly (just that it's goin to satisfy much more than a poor man's desire for adventure).
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    It can work but not as well or as cheaply as a regulr wing.
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    The magnus effect (and similar coanda) has been tried as lifting surfaces, there were a bunch of airships in the 30s that used it as an extra lifting device.
    Don't know how real the flying car thing is.

    ps. Sorry the sig was added for another thread, I was trying to explain what Irony was.
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