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New folder

  1. Jan 12, 2005 #1

    I was wondering.. before I can make a new folder in my PC by pressing the right mouse button and choosing new - then folder..

    Now, that command just disappeared... I am sure that my PC does not have a virus or bug.. even if I go to the file menu of my computer... the word new is not there...

    How would I make it re-appear again?
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    I think you will need to start buying them from Ebay, this happened to my friend also.

    Microsoft have just implemented a new license aggrement that requires you to "purchase" new folders after a certain amount have been created on your PC....

    Heres a link to get one:

    new folder

    only 56GBP a bargain if you ask me!

    :tongue2: :tongue2:
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    Hmmm you have a link to where microsoft announced this? I just do not see how microsoft could stop you from creating folders, without doing it when xp was first released and putting it into the source. Maybe sp2? I hope this is a joke, if not, I am glad I switched to linux.
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    I don't know about the folders, but Microsoft does limit the number of people logged in at once. This is how they force you to upgrade to the server edition.
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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Funniest eBay lot I've ever seen.
  7. Jan 12, 2005 #6

    They even have 10 bids............


    I think im going to place a bid, just to be stupid....jk

    Thats pretty crazy though, I never knew they make you buy new folders, what kind of crazy idea is that. I would say just install a new progam and it will say you want to create new folder put yes, and put what ever name you want, then just erase the stuff in it. After just fill it up with the works. :smile:

    If that doesnt work just buy a new one on ebay. :tongue2:
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    errmmm.... I was joking, M$ maybe be crazy with there licensing schemas, but not that crazy! :rolleyes:
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    lol ok thats what I though, but you never know with ms
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    My computer, by the way is windows 98... unfortunately, I cannot afford to buy in the ebay... I 'm sorry... but I always kept thinking that it's so unfortunate for me to experience this stupid problem... I believe every PC can create a new folder...
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    Actually there is a limit to the number of files/folders you can create. If your using FAT16 it is 65,000. If your using FAT32 it is 4 million, and NTFS is 4 billion.
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    Look, every answers you got here except those from dduardo aren't serious.

    If you delete a folder, can you create a new one to replace it? If so, what dduardo just said is your problem (perhaps FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS could be explained?

    If not, I suggest asking microsoft. What you got is probably the result of accidentally changing a setting somewhere. Something so easy to do, no one else in the world ever bothered to learn it.
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