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Homework Help: New fuels

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    This group from Purdue University was invited to present their data to the ASTM D-2 board on April 28th in Alexandria, VA

    Director of the FAA stated that NO bio fuel has ever passed 1/2 of the specs on the D-910 test for 100LL general aviation fuel. This Swift fuel has passed 44 of 44.

    New fuel showing lab and application testing 25% increase over petroleum

    Shows a reduction of 24% in emissions
    Shows a 30 degree lower freeze point
    Has no Sulfates
    No Petroleum
    No Alcohol
    No Ethanol
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    Well, I hope they tell ASTM what exactly they use, because simply telling what it is not does not faciliate a discussion.

    If it has less carbon atoms than gasoline and is not ethanol, it doesn't leave much to choose from. That leaves propane through heptane, and their various derivatives.
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    Agreed, the Carbon make up is not using Heptane or Pentane. Iso Pentane maybe a small amount. The trick they said was getting the Reid Vapor to regsiter and not drop the MON below 100 while keeping a lubricity level high enough to run in the Engines.

    The findings are all they will leave with the ASTM. The rest would require an NDA like I had to sign to see this. Supposedly this would require a retro fit of an existing ABE or Ethanol plant to produce. Though they state that the plants should see a doubling effect for every pound of bio mass.

    This is not advertising, this is a group that is about to get massive interest from the federal govt. (meeting with the DoE on Friday)

    This is not for sale in any case. This is the next evolution of liquid fuels that is stepping beyond the "old guard" petroleum values.

    This group @ Purdue was founded by John Rusek, PHd Chemical Engineering. He has worked with DARPA, Air Force and still contracts to the Navy.

    I thought this thread would be informative vs. the normal questions I've seen on this site from people who think you can run a car on water only. This is a real solution. This is an evolutionary step that doesn't have the words "Green space" "ethanol" or a plethora of other catch phrases that are over used.

    Beyond that, I'd think that most of the super intelligent members of this sight might be able to shed some more light on this new development. Help seperate this from the din of PR work on E85 and the like.

    NOTHING TO SELL, it's not in production for at least a year.
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