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New galaxies becoming visible.

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    As we look out into space, soon we shall be able to see the last scattering in every direction. So my thinking is, how could more galaxies enter out visible universe? The only way I can think is that they would enter gradually, by forming before our eyes. Due to time dilation this already slow process would appear to be greatly slowed down. So how many new galaxies could be expected to appear in, say, the next million years? Since they are forming so slowly it would be impossible to say, since there is no boundary to be crossed. So try as I might, this is an ill-posed question. But I hope you get what I'm asking.

    Perhaps a better question would be, what's the ratio of

    galaxies forming during this year / galaxies forming during the year 7 billion BC.
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    Likely this is improved instrumentation to be able to observe deeper.
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