New guy,introducing himself.

  1. Hello all, just found this pace.
    I have no idea what most of you are talking about, but I find this stuff fascinating.
    Will search the basic math forum for a good starting point before I start asking a bunch of dumbass questions.
    Just so you know, I'm 45years old, have very limited computer skills, have worked as a carpenter on and off since High School where I took Algebra I four years in a row.
    Mostly though, I am a painter and sculptor.

    If this is mis-placed, sorry about that.

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  3. Greg Bernhardt

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    Welcome Peter! Enjoy!
  4. lisab

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    Welcome to PF! I hope you find lots of interesting things to learn about here. And never think any of your questions are dumb, we have members at all levels of learning.
  5. Well I hope your experience of this site will be better than mine. There are people out there who will jump on you for anything you say that they can pick a hole in.
  6. Hi Peter, welcome aboard.
  7. I found my way here through a search for info on dark matter, or dark energy.
    Been seeing a lot of contradictory info on the subject, (all in layman's terms mind you) as it seems to be something that people like to talk about whether they understand it or not.
    Figured that actual physicists might be the people to ask.
    I'll lurk for a while to see if I can even formulate a sensible question.
    Thanks for the welcome.

    Oh, I got a warning on my first post. Is that some kind of record?
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  8. Tsu

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    Well, CONGRATULATIONS!!! :biggrin: What's your favorite fish? :devil:
  9. Just read the rules, realized that all the banned topics, (conspiracy kook stuff) from "Planet X" on down, are things I have ben forced to listen to at work for the last year or so.
    This place is a welcome respite from the crazy.

    Tsu, Millenium Hand and Shrimp.
  10. radou

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    Welcome, piccini9!
  11. Do you enjoy long walks on the beach, and candlelit dinners?
  12. drizzle

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    Tsu, I can imagine you slapping him with that :rofl:

    Welcom to PF piccini9 :smile:
  13. I might be a willing audience to witness someone getting whacked with a shrimp. :wink:

    Welcome, piccini9.
  14. Tsu

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    Yeah, we're gonna have to get creative with this one. :biggrin:
  15. Tsu

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    OK. It's all set up. I've got Foul Ole Ron on the way with some Bugrit to go with his hand and shrimp. He will welcome our newbie for us!!! :biggrin:
  16. Evo

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    I believe that it was. The mentor just meant to give you a heads up that they were moving your post and used the warning system to do it. :bugeye:

    Welcome to the forum!! I see Tsu has arranged your initiation. :tongue2:
  17. Well?

    Over at the Underground Terrorist Motorcycle Cult they just demand a pinky.
    Right hand or left, doesn't matter, but this, this is inhumane, the suspense is killing me.:grumpy:
  18. Evo

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    Looks like I'm going to have to do the ceremony.

    Consider yourself fish slapped.

    Last edited: Apr 21, 2010
  19. drizzle

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    That's how we welcome new PFers... By slapping them with a fish of their own choice :tongue:
    Hope you handle Evo's slaps! She's the head of PF sisterhood... And has a strong arm too :biggrin:
  20. Why thank you. I'll take a fish-slapping from the Lady of Shallott any day.
    I'm glad it wasn't Weasel Stomping Day.
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