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Homework Help: New here and new to physics

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    hey there i'm new to this forum and i'm a college student and tommorow i will be taking my 1st ever physics class in my life, does anyone have any tip of advice, because honestly i have no clue what i'm getting into :confused:

    i'm a civil engineering major btw
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    Hi TMNT and welcome to PF.

    All I can tell you is one word - practice. I cannot stress how important this is. Do problems at the end of evey chapter in your text books.

    Dont always be dependent on your professors to cover everything. Do some research into topics on your own. I've done this on the internet and found some good resources. I've complied links to all of them and put them on a website. [Link in my signature].

    One more thing, dont over tax yourself with studies or take too many courses in one semester.
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    hey ranger
    thnx man i apreciate ur info n i will definetly check out ur links
    if i have physics problem n i post it here, are the ppl on this forum good at helping out n stuff?

    ya i'm only takin 2 classes this semester, pre-calc n physics
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    Of course they help you. The community here is made up of professionals in many fields. But keep one thing in mind though, no one would help you if you just give us your homework to do. You need to show that you are at least attempting the problem.

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    o ok coo thnx man

    nah nah i know i cant completely on everyone here, ya but definetly if i have a question i will post all info i know if possible
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