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New here, hey!

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    Hi, I'm Adrian, a British student at college (US = senior high school year I think) studying Advanced Levels in maths, further maths, physics, chemistry and economics.
    I plan to go on to do Physics BSc at university hoping for either Oxford or Durham universities (depending on my grades this year!).

    Just thought I'd say hi. What's everyone else doing?
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    Hi, Adrian, and welcome. I'm an old guy that pretty much hangs out with my dogs. My Uni days are long (40+) years behind me, but I still like spending time on PF.
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    hi there Adrian

    welcome to PF. Best of luck on your new studies :)

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    Welcome Adrian! What's your favorite fish :smile:?
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    Hi all, thanks for replying. I hope to enjoy my time here :)

    Haha! You think I'd answer that without doing my research?
    My favourite fish is the anchovy as they're small.
    Also it's great to see Monty Python appreciation!
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    Hi Adrian, and welcome to the forum! I have a MS in statistics and I've been working as a statistician for the past 12 years in Canada (currently in the pharmaceutical/biomedical industries).
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    Enjoying it? I'm not sure I could do statistics as a degree, I like mechanics too much :D
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