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New here...noob as it gets but i love trying to learn

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    as i mentioned im a huge noob in the reals of math and physics, but if anyone can explain things to me as a noob that would be awesome.

    magnetism had always fascinated me so i think thats where i want to dive into.

    i am curious about experiments or ideas on a model of the earth, and inert gases. i want to know if its possible to get a solid sphere to have magnetic poles like the earth has. then if it can be set up in a vacuum lab setting except for a substantial amount of inert gas, then have the sphere spinning on its axis at different rpm's and see what happens.

    maybe at the start, just have He gas and do a wide range of rpm's, from slow to super fast

    then later add in other inert gases. anyways i would love to know what might happen or how i could do this experiment.
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    Welcome to PF!

    I notice that you've already posted this in another part of the forum, so I'll go ahead and lock this thread to keep any technical replies out of it since this subforum is strictly for introductions. Welcome again!
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