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New Here - Starting Later in Life

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    Hi everyone! My name is Janet. I'm 54 years old and I'm considering going to school. I'm not even sure I want a career in physics, but I want to learn more about quantum physics which has me completely fascinated and I get stuck because I lack fundamental knowledge. I spent a large part of my life struggling with alcoholism and mental illness -- and had no interest or drive for much of anything academic. That is a completely different story in the past several years, but I'm still kind of left with some of the "mess" my life became and it's very difficult for me to manage even day to day life, let alone go to school. But nothing excites me more than physics and I just can't ignore it. Whether I do go back to school or not, I want to learn all I can and I want to interact with others who also share an intense appreciation of physics.
    - Janet
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    Hi ChicagoJan. :welcome:

    Good luck with your return to study.
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    Thank you!!
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