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New Here!

  1. Feb 7, 2012 #1

    I am Tristan and I am completely new in this forum.

    I hope all members will help me to do well in this forum.

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    Hey tristangreen and welcome to the forum.

    I hope you enjoy it here and get a lot out of these forums like I and many others do.
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    Welcome to PF, tristan!!

    Do you have a favorite fish?? (bigger is better)
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    Hi tristan! Welcome :smile:!
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    Hello Tristan, hope you enjoy PF as we do :smile:

    I'm sure you're gonna love it after you tell us what type of fish you like! :biggrin:
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    Yes, we do wonderful things with fish here. :smile:
  8. Feb 7, 2012 #7
    Everybody who tells us their favorite fish gets a very special surprise!!!

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