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New here.

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    Hi everybody. I'm looking forward to exploring this site and learning from what I find here.

    A little background on me: Education-wise, I am/was a math major in college. I'm a little over 2 years away from having all the credits I need to graduate, but life got in the way this past semester and I was forced to drop my classes. As of right now, I still do not know whether I'll be going back or not. Mostly it depends on whether I can get promoted at my current job. However, the lack of a formal environment in which to learn this stuff doesn't mean that I'm any less interested.

    I work at UPS part time, but it seems as though going full-time as a driver is a certainty within the next 3 months or so (I would be full-time now, if not for a technicality that kept me out the last time around). I originally took this job to help pay for college, but things have changed and at this point, I'm eager to see what happens...one way, or another.

    My appreciation for math comes directly from my relationship with a man I met at my church, who ended up becoming my mentor. He inspired and helped me get my GED (I was a middle school dropout) and without a doubt the smartest man I've ever met. He was a mathematician who got his PhD from Princeton, and taught at Harvard for a time as well. I would stand amazed at the way he could talk about any level of mathematics, with anybody, all night long. I am honored to have called him my friend and mentor.
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    Welcome to PF Paper Phantom, glad to have you here!
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