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New home: Guam!

  1. Nov 13, 2009 #1
    Finally made it to my new homeport in Guam. The scenery here is beautiful. Clear blue water, constant warm temperature, palm trees everywhere, extremely nice natives. This is supposed to be one of the top places to go scuba diving, and I can see why.

    I'm going out in a little bit to buy a decent camera to take pictures to post. Also, thinking about finally getting a telescope because light pollution where I'm staying is nearly nonexistent. Really neat place!
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    That's very exciting! Sounds gorgeous...when will you be hosting a PF gathering? :biggrin:

    I can't wait to see pictures.
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    You rotten kid. Stop reminding me of the good old days.....

    Btw, did you ever tell us which sub you were on?

    And don't make fun of me for forgetting if you already did. I'm old! And senile! And gads I remember the mid pacific......


    And btw, did I tell you that you were a rotten kid yet?
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    Nice place to be, how are you enjoying the other aspects of your tour?
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    Wow B. Elliot, I was born in Guam and even though I do not currently live there, I call it my hometown. Back during the weekly PF Photo Contests I submitted a few pictures from Guam. Where are you located? :smile:

    If you like Scuba diving, be sure to hit Jellyfish Lake in nearby Palau— arguably the most fantastically amazing place to dive in the world.
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    I have complained that my University in the United States is a four hour drive to the nearest large city. It can be very frustrating that any really major event takes a pretty long drive to get to.

    I probably shouldn't move to Guam.
    (Actually you have my envy, I bet it really is a beautiful place.)
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    Gee, you are so lucky :smile:
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    Finally got internet again:yuck: Ironically though, i'm not in Guam right now. i'm in Hawaii! I'll be here for a few more months till I head back to Guam. Here's some of the pics I promised.

    From the top of Lovers Point (the summit in the top-left of the pic OmCheeto pisted)

    Pics from Gab Gab beach.

    Old pillboxes on Gab Gab

    Views from my old barracks

    I really need to get better camera than the one on my Blackberry.
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    Very nice pics! Makes me feel like I have traveled, at the convience of my own home :biggrin:
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    Ah, that looks very nice. Good to see you again :smile:!
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    Great pictures! With just a bit more coaxing, you might get the sisterhood to skip Bora Bora and come visit you. :cool:
    I think Guam should really get a name upgrade. It looks way too much like guano.

    And now that you are on Oahu, you might want to get a submersible camera so you can take a picture of that Moray eel that scared the bejeezits out of me in Hanauma bay 30 years ago. I also expect the obligatory pictures of Diamond Head and the Pipeline on the North Shore. And maybe a picture of the pineapple fields. Oh, and a view the mountains from the north shore. And the Arizona memorial. And maybe a picture of the barracks on Ford Island, if they are still there. Amazing place to stay; full of ants and rat sized cockroaches. But who cared, we were in Hawaii. :!!)

    Thanks again for bringing back great old memories.
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