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New I am

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    Just introducing myself before I ask a question, which is proper forum etiquette, of course, and I am involved in many on these here Interwebs.

    I'm a student at Rutgers University and I am currently about halfway through my year's worth of physics classes, so I felt it would be nice to join an environment of people who study the subject.

    I have always liked physics (when I'm not under exam pressure, I find the problems fun and challenging), however I study Ecology and Evolution. I look forward to participating in these forums both for leisure and course help in the future.

    My user name is MarchON because I am a band geek.
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Welcomed, you are.
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    Haha. Thanking you.
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    What instrument? When I was in high school a long time ago, one of my friends played trumpet in the band. He showed me their newsletter, the "Dust Bowl Gazette", named after the field where they practiced their marching routines. Apparently they had to preserve the sod in the football stadium for game nights. :oldeyes:
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    Trombooonnneee! The most sound physics straight forward instrument haha.
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